Scotchgard helps keep your home cleaner, fresher, brighter longer!

• Helps protect against both oil and water based stains.
• Helps carpet fibers resist soiling.
• Helps spills blot up before they become stains.
• Helps stains release more easily when carpet and upholstery is cleaned.
• Helps carpet and upholstery stay cleaner longer.
• Effective against fruit drinks, soft drinks and frozen fruit treats.

Improves vacuuming:
Vacuuming is actually more effective with Scotchgard™ Protector. Dirt is more easily picked up, and fewer passes are required with the vacuum.

Simplifies spill cleanup:
Scotchgard protector helps keep spills from becoming hard-to-remove spots or stains. It repels liquids, so spills can be blotted up quickly and easily.

Professional application:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
Apply scotchgard protector is right after cleaning. Your professional applicator can do it for you. Prompt cleanup of spills will help maintain, freshly cleaned look for along time.
Scotchgard fabric protector! It's a stain repellent, repels liquids.

Scotchgard fabric protector helps protect carpet and upholstery fibers against oil and water based stains. Its a stain repellent, repels liquids when spills and accidents do occur. The home owner has more time to get the spot up before it stains the carpet.  Scotchgard also has the ability to release stains more easily on carpet and upholstery.
<strong>Scocthgard </strong>helps protect against both oil- and water-based stains.

How does Scotchgard™ work Untreated
Scotchgard untreated
Untreated carpet and upholstery, a spill will soak into the carpet or upholstery. This creates a stain that is permanent or difficult to remove.
How does Scotchgard™ work treated
Treated scotchgard
Treated carpet and upholstery, a spill will "bead-up" and does not immediately penetrate the fibers.  This gives you time to blot the spill before it turns into a stain.

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